Day 100


Ninety-nine days have come and gone and here we are, day 100 of our 100 Day Campaign. Over these past months, we have told stories of courage and hope, of love and celebration. On this website we have illustrated the connection people make in this community and the joy our community has in coming together to make an impact.

Each day of this 100 Day Campaign represented real people, individuals challenged by an issue, people finding solutions to a problem, community members living their lives guided by the Jewish value of helping each other. As we ready ourselves to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome a new year, one thing is clear.  United Jewish Appeal will continue to tell the stories of this community, celebrating the diversity we represent that unites us a people, allowing all of us to have the biggest impact on the most pressing issues of our time.

Through UJA you can make the biggest impact on the issues you care about most. Make a gift to UJA today.

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