Day 48: Humans of UJA – Tibor Kovari

As part of our Centennial Campaign year, we are spending some time spotlighting donors in our community.  Check back every Saturday night after Shabbat ends to see who we are profiling.  Meet Tibor Kovari.

Who are you?

Tibor Kovari

I am Tibor Kovari – Husband, Father, Hazzan, Clergyman, and Music Director. 

What do you do?

I work at the Beth Tikvah Synagogue in Toronto as Hazzan and Music Director. I serve my congregation as a Clergyman, lead services on Shabbatot and Holidays, teach Jewish topics and music to all ages. I run a diverse and exciting Music Program and Concert Season for my congregation and among many other things, I sometimes participate in community or charity events and perform in cantorial concerts.

What is important about being Jewish in Toronto?

Toronto is a diverse and well established Jewish Community, where traditional and secular Jews are able to find common goals and work together for the benefit of Klal Israel. It is a great place for one to raise a family in a Jewish spirit, having no shortage of options when it comes to Jewish education, community events and volunteer involvement, Synagogues, Kosher food, etc. 

Why is it important to make a gift to the community through UJA?

UJA is the organization that cares about the welfare of our own community as well as Israel and other Jewish communities around the world. In a way making a gift to UJA will make one be part of this great cause and Mitzvah.

Which book are you reading right now?

Most of the time, the Siddur 🙂 but otherwise I`m just about to begin reading Sapiens, a brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

Falafel or Schwarma?

Schwarma if I can get lamb, otherwise I’ll stick to falafel!

Through UJA you can make the biggest impact on the issues you care about most. Make a gift to UJA today.

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