Day 50: Daniel’s new life in Toronto

Being a member of El Salvador’s small but tightly-knit Jewish community was a wonderful experience for Daniel Sternfels. In 2009, a leftist government was elected drastically shifting the government’s political policies and creating a state of lawlessness and insecurity. Daniel decided it was time to relocate his family. His eldest daughter studied and was already working in Toronto, and it became the ideal location for a new beginning.

Amidst countless struggles, including finding a job, Daniel learned about Toronto’s supportive Jewish community.daniel

“After months of searching for a position in my field of expertise, I called JIAS (Jewish Immigrant Aid Services) Toronto and JVS Toronto (Jewish Vocational Services), who provided my family with advice and support. Thanks to their invaluable guidance, my wife and I were both able to find work within four months of having arrived in Canada.”

Through his experiences with JIAS and JVS, Daniel recognized the impact of Jewish community agencies in Toronto and felt the need to give back. He began volunteering in UJA initiatives and imparting advice to new immigrants on how to find work and, soon enough his wife and daughters followed suit.

Daniel arrived here hopeful and optimistic. He continues to remain positive, thanks to the love and support of a strong and united Jewish community.  It is through this support that UJA is able to have the biggest impact on issues you care about most.

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