Day 52: Have you met Yuval and Roni?

UJA’s Israel Engagement ShinShinim are young Israeli leaders who defer their army serviceshinshin for one year to volunteer in the GTA. Hosted by local families, Toronto is home to 24 ShinShinim, active in over 35 day schools, synagogues, supplementary schools, youth movements, community programs, and summer camps across Toronto.  Here’s what Yuval and Roni think about Toronto.

As UJA ShinShinim, the impact we make is through our relationships with our students and with all of the amazing people we meet. Our story of Israel comes through our humor, our worldly views, and our experiences. Through these connections, the people we engage with feel that Israel is more than just a small country far away. They now know at least two people who live there, and that creates the deepest connection possible.


-Yuval and Roni, ShinShinim at The Toronto Heschel SchoolCity Shul, Hashomer Hatzair.

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