Day 54: Rebuilding lives of refugees from Yemen

Jews all over the word are still in peril waiting to make Aliyah.  Through UJA you are making a huge impact on those Jews seeking refuge and a better life for themselves and their families. Here is Louza Nahari’s story.


Moshe Nahari lived in a small Jewish community in YeYemenite Refugeesmen where the once vibrant population had dwindled to a mere 80 Individuals. In 2011 Moshe was murdered in cold blood merely because he was Jewish. After Moshe’s murder, his wife Louza Nahari sought help through the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) a UJA Federation partner agency. Within 24 hours the agency had taken her eldest daughter out of Yemen to Israel.

The Jewish Agency placed Louza’s daughter in a Youth Aliyah Village where she qualified for a higher education scholarship. She was then able to do a year of volunteer service in Bat Yam, a Toronto partner community. Louza stayed behind in Yemen with the rest of her 8 children. She was adamant that she stay to testify against the man who murdered her husband. The day after the murderer was convicted, Louza and the rest of her 8 children travelled to Israel. They were received at an absorption centre where her children were taught Hebrew and the family members are rebuilding their lives.

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