Day 69: Humans of UJA – Shira Silverstein

As part of our Centennial Campaign year, we are spending some time spotlighting donors in our community.  Check back every Saturday night after Shabbat ends to see who we are profiling.  Meet Shira Silverstein.

Who are you?FullSizeRender-shira-rs

My name is Shira Silverstein I was born and raised in Halifax Nova Scotia but I have been living in Toronto for 9 years. I’m married to Mark Silverstein and we have one son, Liam who is just over two years old, we are expecting our second child in April.

What do you do?

I worked in clothing design, and as a Jewish professional for Canada Israel experience for several years before getting married and having our first child. Currently I volunteer for many non profit organizations and sit on several committees, and am co chairing UJA’s Young Families division.

What is important about being Jewish in Toronto?

Being Jewish is a huge part of my identity, but growing up in a small Jewish community made it hard to really understand what being Jewish meant to me. Being Jewish in Toronto is incredible because there is a huge community here that is so welcoming, and diverse. This expansiveness and diversity has really allowed me to explore my Jewish identity and figure out the values, cultures and traditions that resonate most with who I am Jewishly and thus the values and traditions that we want to instill in our family.

Why is it important to make a gift to the community through UJA?

Because UJA helps such a broad spectrum of Jews by allocating funds and support to those in need. In supporting UJA, you’re supporting the central hub that helps expand this reach to all Jews in need regardless of their connection to Judaism or how they hold Jewishly. The organization of UJA gives us a place to support each other as Jews, as a community.

Which book are you reading right now?

 I’m reading two books actually; Nurture Shock, New thinking about Children by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman and What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.

The best place to bring your little one in Toronto?

In the summer we love going to Lake Wilcox Park and splash pad and this fall we have spent a lot of time at the many amazing farms ontario has to offer, we especially love Strawberry Creek Farms and Brooks Farms.

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