Day 72: Why teens say it’s important to remember Yitzhak Rabin

18-year-old Roni Barouch wasn’t even alive when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated  – but she wants the world to always remember what happened to him so it never happens again.  That’s why the teen helped lead a memorial service for him in Toronto on Sunday, November 13.

Roni Barouch (center)

Roni Barouch (center)

Barouch is one of UJA’s ShinShinim that came together with our downtown partner institutions to commemorate Yitzhak Rabin’s memory and his vision for peace.  Over 100 people came out to the event including many students.  The ceremony is a tradition that started 4 years ago in order to bring a different side of Israel to the downtown Jewish community. This year’s ceremony centered around the question “What if?” as we imagined how history might have been different had this terrible event not taken place.

Barouch says “It’s a tradition for me.  We do it every year in Israel, so it was nice to do it in Toronto.  It’s important for me”.  She says “seeing all the people who came and supported us and gave us good feedback and the people who were moved by it was really touching for me to see”.   Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination affected Israel and the whole world, particularly because his murder was committed in a Western country where democracy, freedom of speech and choice are of utmost importance.  Barouch says it’s “really important for us to always remember that it happened so we can make it sure it never happens again.  So no other person feels it’s ok to murder someone because of their opinions  – no matter if it’s a politician or a citizen”.

Through the UJA Shinshinim program,  thousands of Jewish lives in Toronto have been impacted – giving the next generation a meaningful understanding of Israel and our deep commitment to its people.


ShinShinim and community volunteers who helped lead a memorial for Yitzhak Rabin in Toronto

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