Day 89: Did you know you can get free Jewish books for your kids?

Like many parents – reading at night with his kids is one of Lawrence’s favorite times of the day.  The Thornhill father has two boys.  Noah is 3 and Aaron is 2.  He and his wife Limor have always read books at night to their kids as part of their bedtime routine.  Lawrence grew up in a Russian Jewish home.  He says his parents weren’t as exposed to Judaism, but he wants Judaism to play an important role in his children’s life.

When Noah was born one of their friends told them to join PJ Library.  It’s a program established in 185 communities around the world by American Jewish philanthropist Harold Grinspoon.  For over 6 years, in conjunction with UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, PJ library has been delivering free books and CDs to over 5000 young Jewish families in the GTA.    When Lawrence and Limor heard about this amazing free service they signed up right away.  Lawrence says “I thought this is wonderful.  I thought it was cute and nice to have a book every month geared towards Jewish identity  – culturally and religiously.”

Lawrence says it has totally enhanced their bedtime reading routine.  He says it’s so nice for his kids “to see and familiarize themselves with Judaica.”  He says the books “ are an amazing complimentary tool to teach your kids Jewish values and lessons”.  The family now looks forward to picking up the mail to see if the monthly book is included.  Lawrence says “it’s exciting to know I have a new book to read to them”.  He says they are colorful, easy to understand, and educational.  Right now he says they have 6 or 7 of their favorite PJ books on “heavy rotation”.   As a baby, Noah’s favorite book was Todah.  Aaaon likes the book Where Is The Afikomen?.  Lawrence says the books help reinforce Jewish values in a fun and exciting way.  Shabbat is very important to him and his wife and the books help their kids learn about Jewish traditions.   

He says the PJ Library is a great way to instill Judaism in his children, while also building important family routines like reading together at night.  It is a bedtime routine that has now taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the PJ Library.

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