Day 90: Humans of UJA – Carly Goldberg

As part of our Centennial Campaign year, we are spending some time spotlighting donors in our community.  Check back every Saturday night after Shabbat ends to see who we are profiling.  Meet Carly Goldberg.

Carly Goldberg

(Carly, with her pup and her 4-legged Israel advocate Theodor Herzel)

Who are you?

I am Carly Goldberg,28 years old, born and raised in Toronto.

What do you do?

I am a product manager at a software company called Pulse Microsystems.  We specialize in creating software to personalize anything.  It started within the garment industry, and while that is still a primary focus, we create software for customization using lasers, and printers in addition to sequin and embroidery.  Customization is a core focus for the garment and fashion industry right now, so we are very busy!

What is important about being Jewish in Toronto?

Community is the most important thing to me about being Jewish in Toronto.  We are lucky to be part of a wide and caring community that looks after those who need it, whether they are seniors, kids at day school or camp, and Israel.  I think UJA does an amazing job of fostering a deep connection between Toronto and Israel.

Why is it important to make a gift to the community through UJA?

UJA distributes all of the funds they receive to their institutions who need it the most.  At some point in our lives, all of us have been touched by UJA, whether it was at day school, Birthright, or March of the Living.  For me, it is important to give back to UJA as they are the mechanism that keeps all of these programs working together.

Which book are you reading right now?

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garith Stein.

What is your favourite weekend activity in Toronto?

Heading out town & going up North!

Through UJA you can make the biggest impact on the issues you care about most. Make a gift to UJA today.

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