Day 92: Schwartz/Reisman Centre – bringing together the Jewish Community in York Region

The Osipov family is one of many that’s thankful to have the Schwartz/Reisman Centre in their life.  The family lives just north of the JCC in Thornhill – that sits on the Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus – and uses it every day in some capacity.  Eli and Asnette Osipov have 4 kids.  Their eldest son Lucas is 7, their daughter Dylan is 4, and their twins, Sasha and Jackson are almost 2.  They started using the Schwartz/Reisman Centre when it first opened, Lucas went to daycare there.  Now they are members and all of them use the SRC in some way every day.   Their daughter goes there for Kindergarten.   Their eldest son goes to J Roots which is  one of the supplementary schools at the SRC.  The Osipov’s do swimming there, their kids havetriathlon-02 gone to The Jack & Pat Kay Centre Camp during the summer and as members Eli and Asnette work out there as well.  Both are part of a fitness program called Tribe training.  They also attend holiday programs at the SRC for Purim and Hanukkah and sometimes they go to Shabbat events.  Between child care and programs the Osipov family uses the Schwartz/Reisman Centre every day.   Asnette says “everything we need for our family is all there in one place.”  On top of that all, the entire family takes part in the annual Kids Triathlon – an amazing family experience.


Asnette says it’s not just about having a place to care for their kids..she says the Schwartz/Reisman Centre offers them a connection to their community and to Judaism.   The daycare puts on an amazing Hanukkah concert.  She says her kids sing all the songs for months after that.


She says the Schwartz Reisman Centre “is inclusive of everyone in the community and gives them some sort of sense of Jewish life”.  It’s a place she says where “I am confident my kids will have good exposure to Jewish life and that we can connect to as well.”  The Osipov family is just one example of the lives that are touched thanks to this thriving new community centre.


The Schwartz/Reisman Centre opened in 2012.  When it opened there were just 2500 members.  They now have over 8000.   They host over 100 community programs and are home to several community agencies and businesses.  The SRC says thanks to this new Centre – a Jewish community is coming to life in York Region.


Toronto is lucky to have three vibrant and active JCCs.  They are not just buildings – they are community hubs that bring people together.  Community hubs that are possible thanks to your donations to the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. 

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